Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Are you scared to open Pandora?

One colleague told me about Pandora internet radio (thanks Ted!). What I like about this radio is that you can customize the style of music it broadcasts to you, yet it still brings new and interesting content.

You start by listing a few artists or song names you like and then it delives content of "similar" style. Then you can thumb-up/down individual songs in order to further tune your radio style. In spite of the fact that I haven't find all my favorite artists in their database (Mustafa Aziza Zadeh to name one) I really enjoy this service because the flow of music is not interrupted by adverts and you can skip songs.

Pandora is more then just a radio. Check their blog and podcasts to find out more.

This Pandora is worth openning!


3rojka said...

Kool dal jsem hledat zpěváka, které ho nějak moc neznám a ono ho to hned našlo a snaží se to celé hrát v podobném stylu. Jediné co mi nepřišlo moc hezké je ta hnustná reklama na McDollar menu.

Tom said...

Thanks for cool tip. I will try it...