Sunday, January 21, 2007

Manila the heart of Philippines.

I have arrived to Manila today. This is my first visit to Asia so it is quite new experience for me. I will put more posts on the blog soon; however, I made one basic observations today:
  • I was wondering why we are told to use a taxi. Why we just don't rent a car? The answer is very obvious: We wouldn't survive. The traffic is very *dynamic* here. I can't wait till Monday - the first working day. The taxi driver told me that what I have experienced today is nothing comparable to working days.
The following are two photos which I made from my hotel room before the sunset:

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Tom said...

I wish you good luck there.

My experience from Bangkok was very similar with the difference that in Thailand they drive on left side.

From my childhood I was trained to look to left then to right and cross the road. In Thailand this approach can kill you ;-)