Thursday, April 12, 2007

I like Google Reader

Normally, I use Sage to read all my favorite web pages but this week I have to use slow internet connection via cellular phone (it does not give more then 460Kbps). It gets way too long for every page to load. I found that in this situation it is very practical to use Google Reader instead of Sage because you don't have to wait for all the feeds to get loaded and it is very easy to export them from Sage to Google Reader. The only problem is that Sage use folders to organize feeds (and I use also subfolders) but Google Reader does not so the result is that after the import into Reader the structure of feeds can be changed.


Tom said...

Are you sure that your old cell phone provides 460Kbps over GPRS?

Do you really think that 460 Kbps is slow? I have 256 kbps and I'm quite happy ;-)

Unknown said...

Well, that is what the small tiny wireless icon in the tool bar said. I should have checked the real speed via some speed meter - but it was really slow, may be even slower then you can imagine :-)