Wednesday, June 18, 2008 module (0.2) for NetBeans released

New version of module for NetBeans is out!

Main changes:
  • Redesigned GUI - now more stateful
  • Switched to trunk version of ascrblr library
  • Fixed some internal issues with threads
Release notes for new version can be found here:

Distribution file can be downloaded here:


Note: distribution package was build using Java 1.6 and NetBeans 6.1. If you need to use Java 1.5 or NetBeans 6.0 then you have to build the module from source code.


Lukáš Zapletal said...

Nice but what is it for? Does it play streams from LAST.FM? Well, theres a utility for that -- called Music Player :-) You can even minimize it -- it will play in the background ;-)

Nice for people who do not ever close NetBeans.

Unknown said...

What it is for? It is for fun.
Who it is for? It is for me (I do eat my own meat!) and for anybody else who works in NetBeans and wants to listen to and does not want to run it from web browser and does not know other potions (like the Music Player :-).

This is just 0.2 release so going forward this module can grow into more matured (and possibly into more interesting) tool.

One goal of this development is to better learn NetBeans API.

BTW: Contributions are welcomed!

Unknown said...

BTW: Can you send me or post here a link to that Music Player? I would love to see how far the competition got... :-)

I was only able to find myLastFM ( which does not seem to be actively maintained and cmus ( which is C* command line player. Other that this Google didn't give me any interesting results for query: Music Player last fm

Daniel Kvasnička jr. said...