Friday, June 20, 2008

TSSJS Prague 2008

I have just learned that I missed TSS Java Symposium in Prague this year!

Agenda looked pretty interesting. It seems that cloud, grid and concurrent computing is going to be the next buzz word which every developer has to add into CV soon next to Spring, JPA, Hibrnate, Grails and Groovy stack (tracks about Scala, MapReduce, DataGrids ...).

Well, I hope that I won't miss it next time and that at least the slides will be available soon. As of now I was able to find Shay Banon's Beyond the DataGrid (it specifically mentions Hadoop as well).


Unknown said...

Lukas, are you based in Prague? If you are, its a shame we did not have a change to meet up!.

Unknown said...

Shay, I am not directly from Prague but it is easy for me to get into. I love Prague (especially the old parts) and I have several very good friends there. What a pity I didn't know it... :-( Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Prague. Feel free to drop me an email if you are going to visit it the next time!

LHFVille said...

Hi Lukas,
Prague is pretty and I'll be going back again. Slides are available on You will need to register though.


Unknown said...