Thursday, August 28, 2008

MapReduce Integrated into Relational Database

There are two different approaches when it comes to processing of very large data set in a parallel and distributed fashion. One - the traditional - preferes the relational database while the other - strengthen by the Web 2.0 hype - prefers more constraint and data structure relaxed environment represented for example by MapReduce approach.

Apache's Hadoop projects is the only available production ready implementation of MapRecudce and it has captured a lot of attention and its popularity is growing fast. No wonder that these two worlds run into flamed and little productive discussions concerning "which one is better?" question.

Well, the interesting news is that two relational database engines are now providing integrated solution of both the worlds:
News found via

I am particularly curious how soon will be the Hadoop integrated into Oracle or MySQL database.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Donate to help Andrii Nikitin's son Ivan

I have just started looking at MySQL database a little closer and I found the following urgent message on the news page. One of the engineers involved in MySQL project is seeking for help as his son needs expensive operation: Donate to help Andrii Nikitin's son Ivan

I am spreading the fire... if you find yourself willing to help, don't hesitate to send even a small amount.

Writing scalable applications in Java

There can be found a lot of articles dealing with scalability and Java on the web. Two nice and high level informative articles about the topic for less experienced developers can be found at TSS server:

These articles does not discuss all possible solutions of this complex topic but they highlight some good open source alternatives. The discussion for each article is worth reading as well!

Another excellent (and more comprehensive) source of information is High Scalability blog.