Sunday, September 28, 2008

How to deal with money these days?

Financial institutions in the USA are struggling now and many people are starting to looking for better understanding of financial world. And so do I as well. Which information resources should novices learn from while this topic is barely taught in schools?

One of the names I came across while searching the internet is Robert Kiyosaki. It is said [1] that he is an investor and businessman. Well, I had hard times to find any specific details about Robert's financial performance and results but one thing is clear, he is charismatic speaker and successful author. For example in one video [2] Robert claims that it has been sold over 26 millions copies of his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad [3]. He also designed a board game called CASHFLOW [4]. On the other hand his books are criticised for lack of useful advices by some people. For example John T. Reed [5] put together exhaustive critique review of Robert's book [6] (Robet's response to this article can be found here [7]).

In spite of the fact that Robert knows how to talk to masses I prefer different style. I specifically like the book called Investiční strategie pro třetí tisíciletí by Pavel Kohout [8]. This book has been reworked many times. Recently, the fifth revision has been published and I found it very interesting (it is published in czech language and I am not aware of english version). If you know any better book for beginners (does not have to be in czech), please let me know...

I am not to say "don't waste your time on Kiyosaki stuff" because at least his books contain a lot of motivation but I would recommend to read Kohout's book first. If you read Kiyosaki's books first then it could be too late when you get to Kohout's book. I don't think getting rich can be as easy as Robert says it is...

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