Friday, December 19, 2008

The Minion Search and Project Aura

There are two very interesting Java open source projects from SUN which are worth looking at for anybody who is keen about information retrieval and artificial intelligence. The first project is a full text search engine called Minion and the second one is recommendation engine called Project Aura.
Both these projects have been presented at JavaOne 2008. You can find slides, video and audio materials here:
  • The Minion Search Engine - TS-5027, this presentation contains a nice high level comparison to Lucene, which is well established Java open source search engine.
  • The Project Aura - TS-5841, an alternative to a Taste project which has been merged with a Mahout project.
For more information you can check blog of Steve Green, one of the authors of Minion and Aura.

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Iván de Prado said...

Very interesting projects.