Thursday, March 12, 2009

Troubles getting Manning MEAP books

Preambule: The following problem was fixed for me by the Manning team. Anyway, if you are facing similar issues, then be sure to check the Ebook support policy (link below in the text).

Manning MEAP book program provides very useful way of getting books on one of mostly bleading edged and very interesting technology topics at very nice price. I really like this service but I encountered issues with my recent order of two very promissing books (Hadoop in Action and Algorithms of the Intelligent Web). My order has been confirmed by email, my bank account was charged appropriately and I got an order code from Manning along with instructions about downloading books from their web. Everything worked fine up to this point. But the rest of the service did not work very well for me. I was not able to download books from the sandbox download page. It just tells me:

The order number and email address entered can not be validated. Please contact Manning support.

Please note that the downloads are available for 5 days from the initial order time. If your links are not available anymore, please contact Manning support centre.

Although this may sound unusual I am used to get this message after every MEAP order. In a normal situation I just contacted their support center via email and they fixed this problem for me. But not this time. I don't know what has changed with their support center but in spite of the fact that I have sent them 4 emails I did not get any response from them for more then 9 days now. I also did check that I follow their Ebook support policy. But still I don't have my books nor any response from them.

I hope I will be able to solve this issue soon and I also hope that the problem is on my side, not on Manning. However, without possibility to call them I don't see any easy way how I can check with them (because emailing obviously does not work for me this time).  Does anybody have any idea?

UPDATE (03/13): I have to say that the Manning team contacted me and promised quick fix. Will keep this post updated as things are moving forward...

UPDATE (03/14): I received download links today. Worked fine for me. Big thanks to Otis Gospodnetic, Steven Hong and Manning support team. (I was told that the problem was caused by my name having exotic diacritical characters.)


Unknown said...

Lukáš - I'll point the main man at Manning to your post. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Lukas,

Steven with Manning here. I'd be happy to resolve this issue. Could you email me at stho at manning dot com?