Monday, April 20, 2009

My Windows Vista Experience

I have been using Microsoft Windows VistaTM Business for more then 4 months now and I can not tell that this is my favorite OS. For me the most irritating problem is well known "Display driver atikmdag stopped working..." error. There are many sites and forum pages dealing with this problem and it seems that people are trying many crazy things in order to get rid of this issue (including registry modification or graphic card replacement ... etc). I don't want to spend many hours experimenting myself searching for solution which might work for me (my plan is to switch to different OS once my current project is done anyway). Lately, after many automatic driver updates the ratio of this problem dropped down but did not vanish. Usually I get 3-5 warnings per day. A single warning is OK, some driver crashes and is restarted. But sometimes the problem gets worse when driver restart is not successful - then the system gets into fast self destruction like loop leading to blue screen of death after 5 or 6 unsuccessful restarts. So when I get second warning right after the first one I know I am left just few seconds to system crash.

While this may sound like hopeless situation I found stupid workaround. Even if the system has already entered into self destruction countdown phase and is not responsive at all try hibernating it (most modern keyboards have this half-moon key). If you are fast enough and get the system hibernated then you can immediately bring it back and the problem is gone...

While this technique can not prevent me from disaster while I am away from my computer it keeps my attention, sensitivity and focus at high level while I am in front of my computer. Cool!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

De Cuba Y De Panamá

De Cuba Y De Panamá is album recorded by Billy Cobham and Asere. More on their collaboration and background of the album here and here. You can listen to this album on I checked but was not able to find such a complete list of the songs from this great album. Vivat! 

This album definitely has a capacity to become one of my favourite along with Cobham's very early Crosswinds and later Nordic. Interestingly, Nordic and De Cuba Y De Panamá albums share one common song - it is called As Fisrt I Saw You on Nordic and Hoja, Ontoňo y Flor on the later album.

Billy is exploring his roots. And he is really getting on the good path I think. Excellent...
Check myspace pages as well for some more information (and several cool videos too). Or better buy A Latin Soul DVD!

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