Wednesday, April 8, 2009

De Cuba Y De Panamá

De Cuba Y De Panamá is album recorded by Billy Cobham and Asere. More on their collaboration and background of the album here and here. You can listen to this album on I checked but was not able to find such a complete list of the songs from this great album. Vivat! 

This album definitely has a capacity to become one of my favourite along with Cobham's very early Crosswinds and later Nordic. Interestingly, Nordic and De Cuba Y De Panamá albums share one common song - it is called As Fisrt I Saw You on Nordic and Hoja, Ontoňo y Flor on the later album.

Billy is exploring his roots. And he is really getting on the good path I think. Excellent...
Check myspace pages as well for some more information (and several cool videos too). Or better buy A Latin Soul DVD!

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