Saturday, May 30, 2009

Olšany u Brna

How to find village called Olšany? There are more villages having this name but I mean the Olšany near Brno. OK, let's try two simple ways:
Google finds it. Seznam does not. Google Maps URL is very simple and straightforwad, Mapy Seznam URL is not. Hmmm... Mapy Seznam is one of the two last products from Seznam which I am using sometimes (the other is

I know there are ways for the Mapy Seznam how to find Olšany u Brna but requires more clicks and the user has to choose between all the Olšany villages in the Czech Republic. Google is building its monopoly in a very natural way by providing good services. Mapy Seznam does not seem to be a competition one click away from Google Maps for me anymore.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Googlepedia - Combines Google seach and Wikipedia

Googlepedia seems to be an interesting add-on for your web browser. It adds content from Wikipedia into Google search results. So when searching with Google you get the Google search results on the left hand side and Wikipedia article on the right hand side of your screen (instead of AdWords). Currently it works for Firefox and other browsers are planned. There is already a way how to install in into Google Chrome too.
Complete feature list can be found on project page:

Monday, May 25, 2009

Compass Framework Presentation

Here is my Compass Framework presentation for jOpenSpace 2009

One thing that really confuses me is why it is not possible to download pdf file from SlideShare site... does any body know? I would like to make this presentation downloadable.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

eyeOS - Web Based Operating System

Is the desktop application dead? Or is even desktop operating system dead?!

I was not sure if cloud computing is all about buzzwords but products like eyeOS convinced me that there is a huge change coming on the not so far horizon...
Authors of eyeOS define their product in three words: Internet + Files + Applications. All is hosted and running on the could somewhere and you have access to it anytime and anywhere. It sounds like a dream but it works. And what is more - it is FREE.

eyeOS is being developer by group of core developers around Barcelona with support from huge world-wide community and investors. It is being used by schools, public environments and companies.

Now, let's stop talking. Go to, create a new account for you and try it! You get office applications, internet applications (ftp, browser, mailclient), media applications (video and music players) and more. It is worth looking at! I was surprised how easy it can be while the web browser is all you really need to run eyeOS.

10 MapReduce and Hadoop Tips

Tom White (an author of upcoming book called Hadoop: The Definitive Guide and Cloudera consultant) posted nice article at Cloudera blog: 10 MapReduce Tips. Among others it gives you short but useful overview of many technologies and tools around Hadoop and how they fit into the picture (Pig, Hive, Streaming ... etc).
BTW: Tom's book brings the best explanation of MapReduce basics I have red so far. I am really looking forward the final version of his book.