Thursday, May 21, 2009

eyeOS - Web Based Operating System

Is the desktop application dead? Or is even desktop operating system dead?!

I was not sure if cloud computing is all about buzzwords but products like eyeOS convinced me that there is a huge change coming on the not so far horizon...
Authors of eyeOS define their product in three words: Internet + Files + Applications. All is hosted and running on the could somewhere and you have access to it anytime and anywhere. It sounds like a dream but it works. And what is more - it is FREE.

eyeOS is being developer by group of core developers around Barcelona with support from huge world-wide community and investors. It is being used by schools, public environments and companies.

Now, let's stop talking. Go to, create a new account for you and try it! You get office applications, internet applications (ftp, browser, mailclient), media applications (video and music players) and more. It is worth looking at! I was surprised how easy it can be while the web browser is all you really need to run eyeOS.


Tom said...

I have tried it, it's quite impressive but I can't imagine using it.

It's kinda slow and limited.

Unknown said...

It is not that slow on my side. It also depends on the network but also on the installation type. eyeOS can be installed on your own server (at home or at office) and I think it would be much faster then (and still you have free system updates). This is still concept in my eyes but very interesting one and I think that for some users the functionality is rich enough, not to say that there are some collaboration possibilities which I did not have a time to explore yet. Given typical user who just need to browser the net, send emails, write simple documents, play music and video and exchange data with friends the eyeOS can be good choice - the main idea is that you don't have to care where your data are stored. Should your system crash or being hacked you do not care about the data loss anymore...

Jaromir Hamala said...

Lukas, to be honest I don't see the point.

Data are stored in Cloud, that's cool and without any doubt it's a big fat advantage(access the your data from everywhere) But running an "application" inside WEB browser that seems me ridiculous. Let me expain you why.

I see there are currently 2 ways how RIA pioneers are trying to reach the Web2.0 (sic) nirvana:

2. some kind of more-or-less ugly plugin running inside web browser(flex, silverlight, javafx(?)) which act as a container for the "application"

First approach has its major drawbacks(such as speed, complexity of development, compatibility issues, accessibility, etc) and I have an impression that more and more developers consider this as a hack.

I found the second option to be more interesting. You are not limited by HTML and technically not even by HTTP protocol, you may have an access to the local filesystems, etc.. That opens a wide range of possibilities. But if you think about this twice: Is it still a web application? It degrades the browser to the dummy plugin loader. Yes, the web browser, the very complex application is acting as stupid running environment for the plugins.

I understand the idea of the "application on demand", but I don't see any reason why this should be inside WEB browser.

PS: The term WebOS itself sounds me very funny.
PPS: I'm sorry for long comment:)

Unknown said...

Yes, it is crazy idea... in fact you can start a browser, go to and start operating system in that broswer, in the new window open browser (in eyeOS it is called Navigator) and go to again... in other words, it is possible to run eyeOS in eyeOS's web browser...

As for your point, you seem to look at this from the developer point of view. But try to think of the user point of view - the common average user who needs office and data sharing. Then this sounds like interesting option. I am not to say that this is how web is going to look like tomorrow but I like this idea and in fact I think we can expect more applications like this.

Jaromir Hamala said...

As for your point, you seem to look at this from the developer point of view. But try to think of the user point of view - the common average user who needs office and data sharingUsing your reasoning I can reach this conclusion: "Hey, Nuclear Power Plain embedded in my car is great idea. Just look at this from user point of view: You just change the fuel once in your life and there are zero exhaust emission" There needs to be an engineer who will tell you: "You are doing it wrong" :)

Anyway I don't think that common user needs this whole stack to be running inside web browser. In the fact common user even doesn't know the term "web browser". He/she just has "The Internet Icon"

The better idea seems me Java Web Start. But somebody needs to DO IT RIGHT.

PRaNE said...

Can any one please explain to me, How the data are stored in CLOUD... I can't imagine tat... Please explain