Saturday, May 30, 2009

Olšany u Brna

How to find village called Olšany? There are more villages having this name but I mean the Olšany near Brno. OK, let's try two simple ways:
Google finds it. Seznam does not. Google Maps URL is very simple and straightforwad, Mapy Seznam URL is not. Hmmm... Mapy Seznam is one of the two last products from Seznam which I am using sometimes (the other is

I know there are ways for the Mapy Seznam how to find Olšany u Brna but requires more clicks and the user has to choose between all the Olšany villages in the Czech Republic. Google is building its monopoly in a very natural way by providing good services. Mapy Seznam does not seem to be a competition one click away from Google Maps for me anymore.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. The only feature I'm sometimes using for is tourist and bike routes and other points of interest.

Also, provides a really simple way to measure distances. In Google Maps you have to create a new map in "my maps" and after that draw the line.

And traffic info, at least in Prague. So is not that bad, however I'm trying to use Google Maps as much as possible :)