Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Open Source and Cloud Computing

Some people expect the Cloud Computing to hit the top of Gartner's Hype Cycle [1,2] by the autumn this year.
As a fan of this "new emerging" architectural approach I am happy to see that open source community joins this hype as well. I think there are actually two important activities going on right now:
  • Apache community started shaping their ideas about how to build a software stack for the cloud. Click here for the main Lab wiki page, of particular interest can be a list of presentations too.
  • The other important moment is a strong recognition of cloud by the SpringSource (the company behind the Spring framework). Rod Johnson clearly stated in his keynote (see 01:51 of the footage) at SpringOne this year that:
    The cloud is really going to change the world of IT and therefore is something we absolutely need to consider in terms of our view of the world.
    I am sure Spring developers will keep this on their minds which can reslut in smooth integration of Spring and cloud deployemts and architecture requirements. The proof that SpringSource guys prefer action over words is recent acquisition of Hyperic.
From now going on, the fact that clouds are getting darker does not necessarily have to mean that something bad is coming. The opposite can be the truth - the darker the clouds are the brighter the future for them can be.

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