Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Glance at Bing

Microsoft released its Bing search service. I gave it a quick glance this morning as I wanted to find out if it can be useful to me (as a Java developer). So I tried two simple tests:

Test #1

Query: Java File API

Two top most results are for JavaDoc, that is what I am lookng for.

Two top most results are irrelevant to me. It seems to prefer localized sources (though I did not check local search option) and provided some links to local Czech java related portal ( but the articles were not specific to Java File API.

Google provided good links but first of them was for 1.3 and the second for 1.4 API version. Because I was looking for more uptodate API of Java File object I decided to give both search engines one more hint.

Improved query: Java File API 1.5

The link I was looking for was second on the result list.

The link I was looking for was first on the result list.

Test #2

Query: Groovy clousure

It realized that clousure is a typo. It provided corrected "Did you mean" service link and the two top most results were relevant, then it provided results for original search terms.

It did not realize that clousure is a typo and provided some results having the same typo in the text. As of writing the first result is some page in japanese which is little help to me (no transaltion link provided).

My conclusion:
As of now I am staying with Google. But I welcome Bing as it will make Google engineers think how to improve their search.

As for the Google search service it was probably using my personla profile and search history to improve search results (I was logged into my Google account). However, I think that all the search queries were quite simple and straightforward so still the results should be more or less comparable.

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Tom said...

And what is even worse: id does much strongly distinguish diacritical marks than Google. It makes it useless for czech language.

Compare eg. Tomáš Hubálek and Tomas Hubalek