Monday, April 12, 2010

Google not identifying pages with the same content correctly?

Although identification of web pages with the same content has been the target of active research for many years now it seems that even Google is having issues dealing with this problem correctly.
I am trying to build GWT from the source now and for some reason the simple procedure described here: does not work for me. Thus I set on googling for building gwt from source but it turns out that the first page of results contains more then four hits to the same mail thread (or even to the same individual emails in this thread). In other words half of the top 10 results points to the same content.

The following are the hits from top 10 results:

Not sure this is what I would expect!

Yes, extracting content from public email lists can be very hard especially if the indexer does not have access to the source of the text but only to the various HTML representations of the same message but I thought that there are techniques how to deal with document similarity: e.g. MinHash (see Duplicate Detection )

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Apache Lucene EuroCon 2010 - Lucene in Prague!

Apache Lucene EuroCon 2010 will be the first dedicated Lucene and Solr User Conference in Europe. And not not only Lucene and Solr but also other projects from Lucene umbrella like Nutch, Tika, Mahout ... etc. This will be the ultimate opportunity to meet some of Lucene ecosystem committers.

Prague, May 18-21, 2010.

More info: